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STEAM Expo 2024

The annual Hollister STEAM Expo on March 13, 2024, presented the continuation of Local student’s work on their STEAM projects. In addition to their presentation, the community presented the ever growing number of STEAM programs and opportunities for the students of San Benito county. Among those attending was Giovanny Arenas, the San Benito Robotics Program Director who represented the organization and its programs. 

The goal of San Benito Robotics is to continue the expansion of STEAM programs and opportunities in our community. The organization is excited to present the continued growth of our programs and the plans in store for future ones. Among the ones presented were the FIRST Lego League (FLL) community team, summer programs, and class at Maze Middle School. Along with these, the community continued learning about the new American Rocketry Competition (ARC) program. Many community members were excited to hear about our upcoming summer programs and were asking about registration. The ARC program also gained its own recognition with people asking about the program and excitement for the launch on 3/16/24. 

In addition to good community sentiment, many students from programs also greeted us with 4 of them winning awards at the event. San Benito Robotics was also invited to the Tech Interactive in San Jose which is a great opportunity for the organization. The STEAM Expo overall was another successful event and continues to demonstrate the growing impact and excitement around San Benito Robotics.

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