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Spring Grove Open House 2024

On May 23, San Benito Robotics attended the Spring Grove Open House. This event was held by Spring Grove where parents attended and were able to see San Benito Robotics and the Robotics class at the school. San Benito Robotics aims to increase attendance to the Robotics class in order to give students more opportunities to experience robotics and STEAM. The event also allowed San Benito Robotics to give the chance for parents at Spring Grove to gain more information on the upcoming summer programs and how to sign up. In particular, parents were informed about the upcoming Summer Bootcamp and how to register via our website or using a QR Code given at the event. These opportunities at Spring Grove will continue to spread the opportunities we offer and the chance for students to gain experience designing, building, and coding a robot while being mentored by Hollister High School Deep-Space Robotics students.

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